Freebie time!


There are a bunch of really great free offer for samples or other goodies and free events coming up!


Free Sample of EAS Hydration & Recovery
Free Gel Facial Cleanser Product
Free Just Add Herb Blends
Free Coke Zero Sugar at 7-Eleven
Free Subscription to Hola! USA Magazine
Free Subscription to Redbook Magazine
Free Baby Delight Bottle, Sippy Cup, Brush Set & More
Free Tub of Better Bean Co. Beans
New PINCHme Free Samples on Tuesday
Free Idahoan Potato Soup at Kroger & Affiliates

Free Events:

Free Glow-In-The-Dark Slime MAKEbreak Event at Michaels
Free L.O.L. Surprise! & Num Noms Event at Toys R Us
Free Petsmart Halloween Spooktacular Event


If you are in the San Diego, CA area and you have a fun, free event coming up, please leave a comment!


Review: Colortime Crafts and Markers – Glow in the Dark Halloween Tote

Recently I wrote that I was going to receive a glow in the dark Trick or treating cotton tote bag and markers from Colortime Crafts.  It came last week and over the weekend, I gave it a spin. Henry was too busy cleaning his room and playing to color (his words, not mine), and Bitty Bird was napping.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.58.23 PM The bag is very sturdy and well put together.

I received three markers: Green, Purple, and Orange. We also have a stash of fabric markers, so I filled in with our stash as needed.

The directions instruct you to place a piece of cardboard between the layers of fabric to keep the markers from bleeding through.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.58.30 PM

It turned out really cute, and we’ll be using it this weekend at a Halloween event. I’ll be posting photos on Instragram! Make sure to follow me!

Click here for the Latest Online Special offers and promo codes to Colortime Crafts and Markers


Pumpkin Baked Donuts!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.09.21 PM.png

We love donuts. BUT, we don’t love that they are fried and dipped in sugary frosting (ok, some of us do… the kids).

After hearing hubs and Henry complain about neeeeeeding donuts, I rummaged through the cupboard and came up with:

Similar to my 3 ingredient chocolate cake, I set in motion to make some tasty donuts.

I grease my silicone baking dishes. I use a little butter.

All you do is mix the cake mix with the pumpkin and add spices to taste (usually 1t. cinnamon and a few dashes of ginger and nutmeg).

Pour into the donut “holes” (about 1/2 full) and bake per the mix directions for cupcakes.

Most cake mixes make 12 donuts. I let the donuts sit in the pan until they are cool, them take them out and do batch #2.

If you NEED glaze, mix:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar (confectioners sugar)
  • 1 T. soft butter
  • 1t. vanilla (you could use maple extract if you wanted to make it UBER FALL)
  • 1T. milk

Whisk all together and drizzle over the donuts.

This recipe is easy peezy pumpkin squeezy! It’s totally kid approved as well, which is why there are no after photos.It goes great with a PSL or other fall themed coffee beverage,


FAQ: The Coupon Class Edition

Interested in having me teach couponing to you and your crew (or posse or book club, moms group MOPS Group, HOA, whatever), but have some questions.. Here are a few questions I get a lot.

FAQ1: Why do you have a minimum of 6 people for your class?

On various pages on this website where I talk about my classes, it states a minimum of 6 confirmed RSVP’s for the class to be $20/person. The reason is: I pay for the handouts and prizes at each class, and I also have to pay for the gas to and from the class, and I have to pay my babysitter $10/hr.  I love teaching and sharing my knowledge, but my family can’t afford for me to drive all over San Diego County and with smaller classes of 6 or less, after expenses, I make less than minimum wage per hour!   Brass tacks: Teaching coupon classes is my job. No one should be expected to do their job for free.

FAQ2: If I don’t have 6 people, how much does it cost?

$20 per person (cash only). If the class is for a small group of military families, I offer a discount of $5 per person, however, I will check everyone for a military ID card (dependents can be of active duty or retired military). FAQ3: Which newspaper do you sell?

NONE! When the San Diego UT was sold, the new owners stopped offering discount subscriptions.

FAQ3: $20 seems like a lot.  What do I really learn anyway?

In 90 minutes, you’ll learn a great deal. Where to get coupons, how to use them effectively to save the most money. We’ll talk about coupon policies, stores that accept coupons, using the internet to help you save even more. We’ll talk about stockpiling an appropriate amount (you won’t end up with a room full of TP) for your family. I set aside 20 minutes for Q&A too, so all of your burning couponing questions will get answered. You’ll also receive handouts and have the chance to win a prize

FAQ4: I don’t have 8 friends, and I don’t want to pay for a class.  Will you teach me for free?

Sure. I already have.  Utilize the search feature on the main page of the website. This isn’t the same as having me live in front of you answering all of your questions, but it will give you a good foundation.

FAQ5: I’ve already started couponing, so I don’t need a basic class.  Do you teach Advanced Couponing?

I do!  The class fee is $20 per person- no discounts are available for this class.We talk about shopping the drugstores and playing the “Drugstore Game” you’ve probably read about online.  We’ll get into some more advanced money saving techniques like price matching, rebating, and programs inlinethat will help you save and earn gift cards and cash.

FAQ7: I live in The Inland Empire, LA, OC, Imperial County… Can you come out to me?

Sorry- Gas is too expensive for me to travel outside San Diego County. I do know coupon mentors in some of those areas.  Shoot me an email at and I can hook you up with some great teachers!

FAQ8: My friends and I have a weird schedule.  Can you teach a class on weekdays?

Yup!  I have availablity on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Just ask!

If you have any questions, or would like to book a class, please email me at

Coupon Classes & Private Tutoring


I’ve gotten some emails and PM’s via Facebook and IG recently about coupon classes, so I thought I’d open it back up again.

Couponing 101: Classes are 90 minutes in length. You’ll learn: Where to get coupons, how to use them effectively to save the most money. We’ll talk about coupon policies, stores that accept coupons, using the internet to help you save even more. We’ll talk about stockpiling an appropriate amount (you won’t end up with a room full of TP) for your family. I set aside 20 minutes for Q&A too, so all of your burning couponing questions will get answered. You’ll also receive handouts, coupon wallets, and have the chance to win a prize!

Couponing 101 Pricing is as follows: 

  • 6-8 attendees: $20/person (I do not teach for groups smaller than 6)
  • 9+ attendees: $15.00/person
  • Military discounts are available for the Couponing 101 class.

If you are not new to couponing and are interested in more advanced strategies, including the “Drug Store Game”, I teach an Advanced Couponing class.

Advanced Couponing Pricing is as follows:

  • $20/person, regardless of class size.
  • No discounts available for this class.

To book a coupon class, a deposit of $100.00 is required to be paid by the host.  The deposit will be returned to the host (minus their class fee) after the class has been completed. The deposit will not be returned if the party is canceled by the host for any reason. The deposit will also be retained if there are not at least 8 attendees at the class.

I accept Paypal, and money orders.

If you do not want to learn in a group setting, I offer private tutoring.

Private tutoring: $100.00 for an up to 4 hour one-on-one session, includes all of the information taught in the group couponing classes, plus how to play the “drug store game”, extensive Q&A time, access to my coupon stash, help setting up your coupon storage/filing system, organizing your coupons.

Please be aware that my schedule fills quickly. I only teach in the San Diego, CA area.  To learn more or to schedule a class, please email me at

Currently, I do not have any open/drop in classes planned for the near future, nor do I plan to have any.

I’ll be posting a FAQ in a few minutes that should answer just a few questions, but feel free to email me or leave a comment. 

It’s Freebie Time!

While a flower in your mail box is cute, freebies are better!

There are some pretty cool freebies available now and free events coming up soon!

Free LEGO Bricktober Events at Toys R Us

Free Samples of Bragg Delight Seasonings & Nutritional Yeast

Free Walmart Welcome Baby Box

Free Sample of Meow Mix Single Servings Cups

Free Sample of Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Panera Members – Free Bagel Everyday in October

Free Panda Express Entree with Any Side Item Purchase

ModCloth Stylish Surprises Starting at just $10!

(This post contains affiliate links, I may earn a commission if you purchase something from a link I post).

I love love love a good surprise!

So when I found out that ModCloth was launching Stylish Surprise, I had to share it.

I’ve already ordered 2 of the dresses, and I’ll be posting pics on Instagram when they arrive. What piqued my interest is that the mystery items with retail values up to $149.99. Dresses in my size ain’t cheap! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a couple cute Retro dresses!

Supplies are limited, so if you are interested, order soon!