Hopster: Another Printable Coupon Co. for your Savings Arsenal!

I love printable coupons for several reasons, one of which is that printables tend to be more specialized.  Those of us with diets a little different than mainstream don’t get left out.

Hopster is the latest in printable coupons, but it’s a little different, and dare I say, better than the usual suspects!

The coupons that Hopster offers can be “boosted”. Share the coupon on Facebook, Like the company, or take a brief survey. So the coupon that starts off saving you $1.00 can end up saving you more than double that amount. It’s like double coupons at ANY store!

One thing that I really like about Hopster is that they have a lot of natural food and medicine coupons.  Great for us organic food freaks!


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