Coupon Lingo!

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Just like any other hobby or subculture, couponing has it’s own lingo. You’ll often run across it reading blogs or talking to fellow couponers. Here is a list with the most commonly used lingo:

Actual – Physical items you hold in your hand meaning a box of pasta rather than a pasta coupon. Used often in trading coupons.

BLINKIES – These are found in stores in a dispenser machine. Most often the box will have a red blinking light on it.

BOGO (or B1G1)- Buy one get one free.

Catalina – Coupons that come from a machine at the cash register. Named after the manufacturer of the machine that spits out the coupons.

CRT – Cash register tape.(this is a pretty dated/old school term for a receipt)

Double Coupon – Means the value of the coupon is doubled at the register. In San Diego, Only Kiehl’s doubles coupons.

ECB – Extra Care Bucks. A form of rebate from CVS. ECB’s are a CVS exclusive.

FREE ITEM COUPON -You get a free product at the store at no cost or just tax.

HBA – The health and beauty aid section.(shampoo, conditioner, body wash, styling products, etc.)

IP – Internet printable coupon.

INSERT- The packages of coupons that come in the Sunday paper.

MANU or MANNY – Short for Manufacturer Coupon. A coupon issued from the manufacturer. Manufacturer Coupons are about 90% of the coupons in the Sunday papers.

MIR – Mail In Rebate – you have to mail it to a clearinghouse to redeem. Learn more about rebates here.

MM- Money Maker- Any deal where you come out ahead or the store pays you to leave the store with items. These deals are pretty rare these days.

NON-INSERT- A coupon that does not come from the coupon packages (called inserts) in the newspaper. Non-insert coupons come from inside or outside packages, home mailers, Smartsource blinkie machines, magazines, tear pads.

OOP – Out of Pocket – money paid after coupons.

OYNO – On your next order – a lot of Catalinas fall under this, meaning you need to make an additional purchase to redeem.

P&G – Proctor & Gamble Sunday insert coupons.

PEELIE – coupon’s found on products that are sticky unless removed carefully.

POP – Proof of purchase found on actual item, usually a UPC/barcode.

RP – Red Plum Sunday Insert Coupons. In San Diego, these coupon inserts come in the Monday junk mail.

SASE – Self Addressed Stamped Envelope some freebies or rebates require them.

SS – Smart Source or Sunday Insert coupons.

STORE COUPON- A coupon good at a specific store (Target, Albertsons, Vons, CVS, and Walgreens all have store coupons).

TEAR PAD – A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.

TMF – Try Me Free – rebates for the full price of the item when it first is new to the market.

WINE TAG – coupons found on the necks of wine bottles. In CA, these coupons require the purchase of at least bottle of wine to redeem the deal.

WYB – When You Buy – additional purchase is required to redeem.


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