How to get stuff for free…

bright boxesEveryone loves free stuff, right?

There are all kinds of sites on the web that tout tons of free samples and full size products, but once you read the fine print, you discover that you have to sign up for monthly subscription services, pay a crazy shipping/handling free, or some other crazy thing.

Here are some sites that I like that have hooked me up with free samples and free full sized stuff in the past that I recommend.

Sample Sized Products

Pinchme They put samples out about once a month. Answer a bunch of demographic questions and they’ll email you when they have samples available. In exchange, they ask you questions about how you liked the samples.

MySavings Free Samples MySavings has a great database of free sample offers that changes daily. I check it at least once a week!

Full Size Products

Tomoson– Tomoson helps brands get their products out into he hands of social media influencers. If you have a large social media following, check out Tomoson! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of the amazing stuff I’ve gotten!

Discounts and sometimes free full size stuff– These next website I am signed up with, but I have yet to find anything I am excited about signing up for. They offer deep discounts and sometimes free stuff in exchange for Amazon reviews.

Amazon Review Club

This website has a great list of review sites and how they suss out.

Talk Back: I’d love to hear about how you get free stuff in the mail! Leave me your top tips and favorite freebie websites!

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