Holiday Shopping Alert: $50 Penzeys Gift Card $35! +Much More!

Got a cook in your life? Someone who loves to experiment with flavors? Check out these incredible deals from Penzey’s, but these deals will be over tomorrow- Shop now!!

Here’s your one chance this season to get our best of gifts for less than half the price. Currently, these are in stock everywhere. Don’t risk it, order today!

And there’s more. Free $7.95 Choose Love Mug with any purchase while supplies last. And both Justice and Revolution, a combined $9.78 value, free as well with any purchase. No codes are needed for the Gift Cards, Boxes or Mugs; those are automatic for everyone. For the very tasty Justice and Revolution, once you have any spending at all enter Vote in the apply code box at checkout. No need to place them in your basket, the code will do that for you and for free.

So Get shopping!! If you live near a Penzey’s location, most are open for touchless pickup. Give them a call and start shopping!

99 Cents Only has Deals for Thanksgiving (and a Coupon)

Y’all know I love 99 Cents Only,  and I have for years. I’ve written about my top 10 deals from 99 Cents only before here, and now I’m happy to report that you can celebrate Thanksgiving with an incredible feast frugally from our peeps at 99 Cents Only!

From stuffing, potatoes, cranberries, salads, yams, gravy (canned or pouch mix), canned veggies, cream of mushroom soup (for the green bean casserole), crispy french fried onions, and dessert options for your feast to decor for the table and the rest of the house, 99 Cents Only has you covered!

And this week, there is a coupon to help you save a bit more- Click here for 1 free item (priced up to .99) when you purchase $15 or more. Exclusions apply, the link has them all listed on the coupon.

And don’t forget that you can use cashback apps for purchases at 99 Cents Only! My two faves are Fetch Rewards and Checkout51. Learn more and find links here.

Important information about SavingStar

Hey Gang- I opened my email to discover this news: SavingStar is closing it’s doors November 30, 2020. I don’t use Savingstar much to be honest. It’s mostly for stuff that I don’t buy or at stores I don’t shop at too often.

But, it’s not all bad news, check this out, since Savingstar is owned by, you can download the app and continue to save on basically the same items as before!

With the new app, you can save on all your favorites with cash back offers — these are much like the rebates you’re used to, but better:

  • Use them at ANY retailer that provides itemized receipts.
  • Skip the receipts and link your store loyalty cards for automatic cash back (1,000s of stores to choose from).
  • Get cashback with NO minimum balance — your money will go straight to PayPal, and you can grab it whenever you need it.

I downloaded the app this morning, and it’s nothing too spectacular, but if you really liked Savingstar, the app will be a good fit. It’s basically the same offers, but at any store that offers an  itemized receipt (good for those of us who shop at store like Grocery Outlet and 99 Cents Only).

You can find the app wherever you get your apps.


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