My Side Hustle Totals for 2020!

2020 wasn’t the best year for side hustles. Like most of us, I spent most of 2020 at home. That means no secret shopping, no audits with Field Agent. I did a lot more surveys and online research studies in 2020.

When there aren’t any side hustles to earn money, the name of the game becomes all about saving money.

My complete list of side hustles is here. And the list of apps I use is here.

Let’s start with Smartphone apps since they are pretty passive income for me. I’m not as much into them as a lot of other savers. The truth is, I don’t shop at most mainstream grocery stores, so apps like Ibotta aren’t very useful.

Misc. Most of these I have links to or more info in my side hustles post here.

  • Ohm Connect: $80 (It was hard to conserve electricity when we were all at home ALL YEAR)
  • Field Agent: $ 93.00
  • SBKC: $ 100
  • Research Studies/Focus groups: $1200 ( I did a ton of these online this year through Q-Insights and Digsite)
  • Capterra: $250
  • Selling stuff after we Marie Kondo’d the house: $555
  • PaidViewPoint: $47.06
  • Misc. Surveys, Rebates, and cashback offers: $280

That’s approximately $2800 in 2020. Not bad for a year where I spent most of the time writing, playing Playmobil, and attempting to conduct distance learning with two kiddos.

A New Month (and Year!) Means New Coupons!!

A New Year means that a lot of us are starting off with goals like saving money, eating better, and spending more time with family. I’m here to help you with the first two this morning!

file000786402730Here is your monthly reminder!  A new month means new printable and electronic coupons!

Check out the following sites:

One of my favorite website is the Sunday Coupon Review.  It helps me plot out scenarios in advance and I can email friends to ask for coupons in advance. Remember if clipping coupons isn’t your thing, but saving money is, check out my list of Smartphone apps that can save you the big bucks! New offers are added on the Smartphone Savings Apps all the time!

Here are just a few coupons to help support healthier eating!

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Rao’s Sauce
Save $1.00 on any TWO (2) Kellogg’s® Special K® Cereals