Cute, Discount Clothes from Shein!

I’m sure you’ve seen ads all over the internet for discount clothing sellers like Shein and Romwe. Recently I went to a socially distanced clothing swap and I found a bunch of New with Tags clothing from Shein. They were in my size, so I snagged them. I thought I’d review them so you could see the quality/price on an item from Shein. Ordering clothes from overseas can be hard, especially if the sizing seems off (I’ll order whatever fits, regardless of what the size tag says, but it’s a little disheartening to know you are wearing a 5x from one company and a size large from another).

This shirt is the one I found at the clothing swap, Plus Floral Embroidered Mesh Tie Cuff Blouse. As of the time this post is being written, this shirt is $13.00. There are usually coupons or deals available on Shein, so you may be able to find the price lower.

First off, the shirt is pretty well made. The embroidered mesh very sturdy and well made. It is not cheap at all.

The dark yellow part of the shirt is soft, drapey polyester. I love the graduated hem on the shirt, it’s perfect to cover your bum.

This is what the shirt really looks like. Honestly, not much different that the photo from the website above.

If mustard yellow isn’t your color, it also comes in Burgundy too. All of the seams are well sewn and finished (with a serger), and there were no loose threads or anything funky going on. And as someone who sewed professionally for 10+ years, I am a very observant when it comes to loose strings, cheap fabric, missing stitches, things like that.

And I’m going to give you the obligatory close up of the inside seam and the lace/neck binding:

So, overall I’d give Shein a thumbs up. They have a bunch of great dresses on sale right now, so I’m planning on picking up a couple maxidresses soon!

They frequently have coupon codes available. I found 13 of them using my Honey Extension.