Focus Group Connections: Consumer Research Project $150

Focus Group Connections is a research company located in Southern California. They conduct studies and surveys all over the US.

Currently, Focus Group Connection is looking for men and women to participate in an online consumer research project taking place between April 28th and May 12th. This study will be a two-hour online interview and will require that you have a desktop/laptop computer with high-speed internet and a working webcam.

The topic is alcohol. I looked over the pre-screener, and it appears to be about low-calorie/healthier beer/hard seltzer options/low gluten/gluten-free beers.

If you’re selected to participate, you will receive $150.00 for your time and insights.

If you’re interested in participating, please click here to complete the pre-screener survey. 
Please note – Not everyone will qualify to participate and not everyone will receive a callback.
I’ve never worked with Focus Group Connections before, but I am always trying to find and pass along options to help y’all make money.