Get Road Trip Ready with Midas (Printable Coupon)!

Have you all heard of the term Revenge Vacation? I learned about it on NPR last week and it’s when you go all out on a vacation this year to get revenge on 2020.

Because so many of us are going on vacation this year, but remaining committed with social distancing, staying in our bubbles, and staying on budget, a lot of us will be hitting the road.

One of the best ways to make sure you are ready to hit the road is to get your car ready! Midas has a great deal with their Road Trip Ready Package, valid now through July 4th.

It’s super easy to take advantage of this deal!

I printed my coupon off this morning, I’m getting Princess Sparkle Cupcake (this is what happens when you let the 4-year-old name the new car) ship shape and ready to get outta town!