About Me!

Rocking the Ombre Hair at MommyCon SanDiego!

Hey all! I’m Abby Keen Hewes and this is my corner of the intarwebz! Having worked as a blogger for a few years, I got tired of the coupon blogging rat race and decided to start a blog that went back to my roots- The reason I started blogging to start with.

Helping you. Well, not specifically you, because I may not know you, but people like you. My friends and family who were bombarded with the frugal lifestyle as it was portrayed in the media (Ultimate Cheapskate, anyone- that’s CRAZY!). Then they saw my family. Clipping coupons, eating leftovers, requesting free samples, bringing our lunches to work. We looked nothing like those crazy people on TV, but there was interest in how we did it. How to live well within your means.

For the most part, I try to keep this blog non-monetized. What’s that mean? Well, that means that I don’t bombard you with OMG Buy this!! posts. I will, however, utilize affiliate links when it’s appropriate (like when I link to Amazon products). What does that mean for you? If you click on the link and buy it, think of it as helping fund the kids college tuitions or buying me a cup of coffee at 7-11.

I’ll still share products and services that I like- so the reviews aren’t going anywhere!

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