99 Cents Only: Celebrate 9/9/2021 with Deals!

Today is September 9, or 9/9 and that means that 99 Cents Only is celebrating with some pretty good deals.

I’m going to grab some eggs and Pringles for sure.

Did you know that 99 Cents Only has an app with coupons and otherwise unknown deals?

I wrote all about it here. 

I’d love to hear about what you score at 99 Cents Only today.

August 2021: New Healthy Freebies From Social Nature!

 If you are into Organic/Natural/Healthy products, then Social Nature is up your alley. Sign up and apply to sample products that you are interested in. I get probably 1-2 products to sample each month. And most of the time it’s full-size products, not just a tiny sample.

Social Nature has rounded up products that are available to try at a local grocery store or mass merchandiser near you.  Apply to Try the products that interest you to see if you’re a match here.

And one of the things I love about Social Nature is that they don’t leave our friends with food allergies out.

There are sampling offers for Gluten-free, nut-free, meat-free foods frequently.

Canadian Friends- You are in luck, there are sampling opportunities for you too! So if you love trying new products, check out Social Nature!


Heads up for Vons, Pavillions, Albertson’s Shoppers!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the app has changed and updated, and our familiar, beloved app is gone. However, in an email earlier this week, it was announced that there are more changes afoot and they are seemingly positive.

Just for U® is becoming Vons for U (or Pavillions, or Albertsons for U, depending on the store in which you shop). Members get the same great perks plus a whole lot more.

New Perks Include Free Birthday Treat, Free Monthly Items, Easy, All-in-one App!

We’ve been assured that our old favorites will remain, such as Personalized Deals, Earn Points and Redeem Rewards, and Digital Coupons.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been a big Vons/Albertsons shopper for years as their prices are a lot higher than other stores in our area, but with the freebies that have been offered lately, it’s worth a peek into the app (and store).

Let me know what you think about all of these changes. Will it draw you into the store or keep you a loyal shopper?

July 2021: New Month, New Coupons!

file000786402730Here is your monthly reminder!  A new month means new printable and electronic coupons!

Check out the following sites:

One of my favorite websites is the Sunday Coupon Review.  It helps me plot out scenarios in advance and I can email friends to ask for coupons in advance. Remember if clipping coupons isn’t your thing, but saving money is, check out my list of Smartphone apps that can save you the big bucks! New offers are added on the Smartphone Savings Apps all the time!

June is here! It’s National Picnic Month, and it’s also time for Canada Day (July 1), American Independence Day (July 4th).  There will be deals on summer Sports Equipment & Craft Supplies (things for families to do together), picnic/outdoor foods. Examples include beverages, Hot dogs, Ground Beef, BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Ribs (Often times there are some really great rebates WYB beer or soda)

For a complete list of types of foods and items that will be on sale, check out this post on the cycle of sales.

Here are a few of my favorite new coupons:

Save $1.50 when you buy ONE (1) Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats
Save $2.50 on any TWO (2) JUSTIN’S® Spreads products 12 oz or larger (any variety – excludes peanut butter)
Save $2.00 off ONE (1) Banana Boat® Sun Care Product (excludes 1 oz., 1.8 oz., 2 oz., lip balm & trial sizes)
Save $1.00 on ONE (1) 10oz to 34oz Bottle of Germ-X® Hand Sanitizer (excludes trial & travel sizes)
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) package of Green Giant Veggie Spirals™
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) package of Green Giant® New Frozen Product, Any Variety

Grocery Outlet: $5 Off Coupon When You Shop Through June 22nd

Grocery Outlet is hooking you up two ways!

First: Saving you money every day on groceries that your family needs.

Second: Make a purchase of $20 at Grocery Outlet today through June 22, 2021 and you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more for use between June 23, 2021 and June 29, 2021.

Qualifying purchases will be given a coupon during their purchase. See store for additional details.

Pretty sweet, right? And you can earn cashback on your purchases at Grocery Outlet and any other store you shop at with Smartphone Apps. You can learn about all the ones I use here.


She Speaks Knudsen Cottage Cheese Doubles Deal is back AGAIN!

I posted about this deal before and I know a lot of you took advantage of it, and it’s BAAACK!

For every ten Knudsen Cottage Doubles you buy between today and next Tuesday, June 1, She Speaks will give you $25 (up to $100 dollars)! Just send them your receipts by Wednesday, June 2.

It’s bonus money on top of bonus money!

Aren’t you heading to Walmart to buy Memorial Day supplies this week? Just pick up  Knudsen Cottage Doubles (in whatever flavors you choose) while you are there.

How the Program Works:

  1. Shop for it: Head to one of the Walmart stores on this list and buy  Knudsen Cottage Doubles. Purchase 10 Knudsen Cottage Doubles to receive $25 reimbursement (cost is approx. $10 total)
    Purchase 20 to receive $50
    Purchase 30 to receive $75
    Purchase 40 to receive $100
  2. NEW! Email or Upload Your Walmart Receipts: You can now email a photo of your full Walmart receipts to info@shespeaks.com.Or upload the photo HERE. Make sure to send it by Wednesday, June 2 to receive your bonus money. SheSpeaks will reimburse you within two weeks via PayPal or a Walmart e-gift card (your choice).
  3. Enjoy the products you purchased!

For more information, including FAQ and specific product details, visit the program toolkit here.

5 Reasons To Try Reusable Menstruation Products 

There are many types of reusable menstruation products on the market these days. Cups, discs, cloth pads, “period panties”.  Here are five reasons to give them a try!

1-While they may have a higher out-of-pocket, over time they cost less than disposable/one-use menstruation supplies. My Diva cup cost $35, but I’ve used it consistently for a year. On average, those who menstruate spend $159 or more per year on menstruation supplies, which equates to $6360 over the reproductive lifetime.

2- Reusable menstruation products are better for the environment. Some disposable menstruation products can’t be recycled, and often aren’t environmentally friendly. The plastics take a long time to biodegrade. Reusable pads can be rinsed out after use and then tossed into the washer and dryer.

3- Some reusable menstruation products can be used/left in for a longer amount of time than disposable. For example, I can wear my diva cup for up to 12 hours (discs have about the same time), but tampons need to be changed every 4 to 6 hours.

4-  Many companies of reusable menstruation products help those in need, or donate a portion of their profits to those who would not otherwise be able to afford menstruation products, People in underserved communities, schools, and homeless shelters.

5- It’s always good to try something new. People have been menstruating since the dawn of time, and until the past five or six years ago, there weren’t too many different ways to “deal” with the flow. Now those who have periods have choices. Try a new product, try a new brand, you might be surprised, you might find something new that you fall in love with. If you told me 10 years ago I would use a cup, I would laugh in your face. But, it has really helped with my cramps.

If you are interested in checking out some of the reusable menstrual products that I talked about, here is link to my Amazon list with tons of products.

Review of Everything’s a Deal (2 Locations in San Diego)

If you’re like me, you’ve been socially isolated/staying home for the better part of a year, wearing the same clothes, and it’s getting a little repetitive.

But at the same time, you don’t want to go to the mall. And as much fun as shopping on Amazon is, it’s hard to buy clothes on Amazon sometimes.

Last week, after I dropped the kids off at school and ran a couple errands, I found myself in South Bay. I remember that there used to be a discount/mark-down clothing store off of Palomar Road and interstate five, so I decided to drive down and see if it was still there. It is! And it’s even better than I remembered. It’s called Everything’s A Deal (it used to be Everything’s $5.00) and they’ve changed their store again.

The address is: 1141 Bay Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91911

In a true wholesale try store the more you buy the cheaper the price per item becomes. If you buy between five and 10 items it’s $27.50+ tax for all 5 to 9 items. And the prices go down from there. Unlike a lot of discount clothing stores (I’m looking at a Ross) it’s not mostly trash/fast fashion/awful sweatshop crap.

Originally $44, marked down to $5.99!
I love this brand! They make such cozy sweaters and jackets. Originally sold at Nordstrom’s Rack.

Everything’s A Deal buys lots from well-known retailers (Sears, JCPenney, Nordstrom‘s Rack, or fifth Avenue, just to name a few) and they have a large warehouse-style store where everything is separated by size. All the plus sizes are together, all the small, medium, large, etc.

The nice thing is that the sale prices are for everything. Shoes, accessories, purses, close. They have kids’ clothes in men’s clothes too. So conceivably you could read your entire family there and some really cute outfits and not break the bank. Everything is new with tags. I bought five items and spent $29.99 after tax out the door. I got a jacket, address, two new T-shirts, and a really cute vest that I’m going to tie-dye.

All five items are name brand, and the jacket is a brand that is sold at Nordstrom rack. I googled the RN number and discovered that the original price of my brand new coat was $89.99. My two shirts had the tags still attached, my vest is from a brand I remember seeing at Macy’s, and my new dress, which is adorable, is from a brand that target sells.

Super Cute Sweater from A.N.A. a JCPenney Brand
This sweater, originally from JCPenney started out life at $47, and is now $5.00! Such an amazing deal!

There’s another location on Broadway in Lemon Grove (7696 Broadway Lemon Grove, CA) if South Bay is too far of a jog for you. Honestly, the stores are a great help for us, they help me stretch our clothing budget for new items. I’m able to afford better quality items for the same price that I would be paying at Walmart. And because the clothing swaps are going to be not happening for probably the next year or two, we won’t be able to pick up hand-me-downs or other secondhand clothing and household goods.

Clothing swaps are one of the ways that we are able to save a lot of money and keep the kids’ clothes. The kids are starting to grow out of the clothing that they have been wearing, and because there’s been no clothing swap this year, I don’t have clothing in the next size ready. I am going to have to purchase clothes.

I have been doing buying clothes and replacing our wardrobes little by little when I find stuff on sale and clearance that kids and I will like. This is mostly through jcp.com because they have such great sales and coupons. And I can combine those with cashback deals from online aggregators like top cashback, MyPoints, and Honey.

Save an Extra 30% off at JCPenney through 3/21/2021

I am a life long JCP shopper. I love their sales, deals, and they have great clothes and housewares.

Through 3/21, JCP is offering a 30% coupon that can be used in store or online (you can find it, and other coupons here).

I used the coupon a few days ago to pick up a hoodie for the big kid and a Wonder Woman dress for little miss. Both were on sale and I got the extra 30% off!

For those who love the ease of online shopping: You’ll score free shipping when you spend $75+ or have your items shipped to your closest JCP store for free.

Don’t forget to sign up for JCP Rewards if you already haven’t. It’s a great way to earn $10/$10+ coupons, plus additional rewards like secret sales and birthday coupons (usually a $10/$10+ coupon).

Earn Points on All Restaurant Receipts with Fetch Rewards!

Fetch Rewards is reminding us that when the weather outside if cold and wet, you can still earn Fetch Rewards!

Got a craving coming on? Here’s a friendly reminder that all restaurant receipts earn you Fetch points—yup, even takeout.

And don’t forget, in the Fetch Rewards app, click on the ME tab (on the bottom), and sync your Amazon and email address. Once you connect them, you’ll be able to earn points on your online purchases too!

You will earn points from the following retailers:

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