1,000 pts & Snack Recipes From Chex on Fetch Rewards!

Elevate your snack game with Chex Cereal and 1,000 points


Whether you’re a fan of savory, sweet, or little-bit-spicy snacks, there’s a Chex mix recipe that is sure to win you over.

But before you mix up a batch of Muddy Buddies, Cheesy Ranch Mix or another tasty Chex recipe, be sure to check out this Special Offer from Fetch Rewards. Earn 1,000 points when you pick up two boxes of any type of Chex Cereal. That sounds pretty sweet… or savory.

And if you are new to Fetch Rewards, check out my post here. Use my code ND2TB when you sign up and you’ll score Bonus Points (through 3/5/2021, you’ll earn 2000 points!)


Earn Even More Fetch Rewards Points with The New Fetch Debit Rewards Card!





If you use Fetch Rewards, check your email for this offer. If you are new to Fetch Rewards, click here to learn more about this awesome cash app and how you can earn rewards, such as Amazon gift cards just by doing your regular shopping and scanning in your receipts.

Fetch Pay card features include:

  • Earn Fetch Points for every dollar you spend with your new Fetch Pay card.
  • Use your card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, and at over 55,000 nationwide, surcharge-free ATMs in the Allpoint Network.
  • Receive up to 10,000 bonus points when you start using your card, plus 100 bonus points on each purchase made in the first 30 days.**

Directly from the email, “To give you the easiest and best card experience, we’ve partnered with One. They provide the expertise and customer support to power the banking side of Fetch Pay. Plus, you’ll have access to all of One’s other awesome banking features.***”

I signed up because I’m willing to a guinea pig for all of you. I transferred $50 into my account, and my debit card will be here in about a week. I plan to use the card a few times and see how the point awarding goes. I’ll report back once the thirty days are over.

I’ve been using Fetch Rewards for about 3 years and I consistently earn $20/month, just by doing our regular shopping. Now that Fetch Rewards accepts virtually all receipts, even tris to the gas station earn rewards!

The best part of Fetch Rewards is that it is not store specific, which is great. If you havent’ signed up yet, Use my code ND2TB when you sign up and you’ll score Bonus Points (amounts vary from 1500-4000, depending on the current promotion they are running).   

Fine Print:

  • *This card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.
  • **Up to 30 purchases
  • ***Banking Services provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

Earn 3000 Points from Fetch Rewards!

FetchRewards_LogoFetch is amazing! I love it. I’ve earned over $20 in rewards since August 2017- I usually get Amazon Gift Cards. If you’re not familiar with Fetch Rewards, there is a run down here.

Right now,
Get 3 friends to sign up with your referral code, and scan a valid receipt by
Sunday, March 11th, and you’ll receive 3,000 Bonus Points!

That’s on top of the 2,000 you already get for each friend. That’s 9,000 points for 3 friends! Not to mention, they also get 2,000 points for using your referral code.

Here’s how it works. . .

Step 1: Invite at least three friends to join Fetch Rewards.

Step 2: They sign up with your referral code and each scan 1 valid receipt by 3/11/18.
Valid receipts are any receipt that ends up Completed (not Rejected). Receipts don’t need to be Completed by 3/11/18, but must be scanned by then.

Step 3: You get 3,000 bonus points if three friends complete a valid receipt!
The 3,000 bonus points will be awarded on Tuesday, March 13th. You will be notified via email.

If you aren’t already using Fetch Rewards,  find Fetch Rewards in your app store. Use my code ND2TB when you sign up and you’ll score 2000 points after you scan in your first receipt with Fetch Rewards.

If you use my code, I’ll get 2000 points when you do. Win/Win, right? Honestly, my disclosure statement is here. I’m here to help ya’ll save money, not make a million dollars!