Giveaway: Influential Summit Box of Goodies!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw all my pics last weekend of the fun (and food) from Influential Summit!

As always, attendees get hooked up with all kinds of goodies and snacks. I picked up a few extra to share with one lucky reader!

And this isn’t all of it!

There are all kinds of goodies, treats, and snacks! The awesome people at Boiron USA hooked me up with an awesome selection of homeopathic remedies, There are Probiotics from Lifeway, Lolleez Soothing lollipops (great for kiddos with sore throats),KIND Bars, KIND Kid’s bars, Hippeas, Runa, Ammo Bars (caffeine and granola together- RAD) and my personal favorite: One Bars!

Entering is SUPER EASY! All you have to do is comment on this blog post with what your favorite snack is, and I’ll choose a winner on 2/24/19! This contest is open to US Residents only!

And you missed Influential Summit, but wanna check out another cool conference, MommyCon is coming back to San Diego November 23, 2019 for the second year at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley. Tickets are available for sale here. The goody bags are great!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I am paying to ship this package to the winner. I just want to share the goodies with you guys!


Savings Bonds: The gift that keeps on giving!

file0001658617775Thanks to hubs for the idea to post about this! Savings bonds are an awesome gift for the kiddo in your life that may have everything, or for the sullen teenager on your list.

Savings Bonds are an awesome long-term investment for kids. It teaches patience, and the value of savings.

You can no longer purchase paper savings bonds (the government nixed that program a few years ago), however, the $25 EE bond can still be given electronically.

The 0.10 percent interest at purchase turns into 3.5 percent-plus rate of return once the bond is held for 20 years and its value doubles! Depending on the age of the recipient, it may mature in time for college expenses!

A friend of hubs Grandmother purchased bonds for him and his sister each year got about 10 years. The bonds started to mature a few years ago, so he’s been cashing them out as they mature. It was a very thoughtful gift, and over the years the money has come in handy.

The interest is subject to federal income taxes, but free from state and local levies.

To give a savings bond (available in any denomination from $25 to $10,000) an adult has to set up a Treasury Direct account in the child’s name, but the account is only accessible by the giver until the youngster reaches 18.

While the savings bond is only digital, making a certificate and attaching the receipt to the back (for mom and dad’s records) is a good idea. The Treasury website is there to help! There is still a choice of seven colorful gift cards that can be printed out and wrapped.

Heck, I heard that even Santa likes to give Savings Bonds!

For more details on giving savings bonds and the paperwork, click here.

What I do with all the free samples I receive….

bright boxesOn Saturday, my mailman asked me, “What’s up with all of the free samples?” She’s not the only one who asks. It’s one of the questions I get a lot when people find out I coupon and we live frugally (the other question I get a lot  is: “Do you have TP under your bed?”

Well, here’s the deal: I donate them. And no, there is no TP under my bed. Just out of season shoes and dust bunnies.

I donate about 90% of the free samples I receive in the mail. The local American Legion post collects small sized toiletries to make into care packages which are distributed to local homeless vets.

Additionally, the other local charity that my coupon club supports (Naomi’s Closet) also collects and distributes small sized toiletries to women’s in need.

If that sounds like something that appeals to you, you can collect travel/sample sized products and donate them to your local charity of choice.

I like MySavings to find top quality freebies. I also sign up for the P&G Brandsaver (it’s a collection of free samples from P&G available once a quarter).  Once the samples arrive, I take them out of their shipping container and I have a small box under my bathroom sink where I store samples and donation goodies.  I donate the contents of the box each month.

I also regularly donate full size products too.  For example, my donation budget is $5.00/month.  That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but when I match sales with coupons, I am able to save big, and that $5.00 goes pretty far!

So the next time you that I’m posting free sample offers here or on Facebook, know that there will be one headed my way, to help someone in need!