Score Free Makeup and more from L’Oreal USA

I’ve posted before about how I score so much cool frees tuff, but I wanted to update and share about one program: L’Oreal USA.

The makeup Giant wants women from across the United States 18+ to join and take surveys on products, daily skin care regimens, and test new products. When you take 5 surveys, you are eligible to receive a full sized L’oreal product (Of their choice)! They also do consumer product testing. They send you a product, you test it and complete a survey.

I recently completed a product survey. They mailed me products which I tested over a period of a month, then I completed a survey about the products I tested. The product surveys are long- they take about 20 minutes to complete, but, you get to try awesome new products, and as a than you, L’Oreal sends you some pretty sweet goodies.

Here is what I got as my thank you gift yesterday in the mail:

img_9874It may not look like a lot, but these three products have a value of about $90.00!

Lancome Large Shadow Brush $29.50
Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow Palette in Mauve Cherie $50.00
Maybelline Brow Drama $8.50


I’ve been part of their survey panel for about 10 years, and I’ve done four in home product tests. They can be hard to get into, however, the products you test are top quality, and the thank you gifts are pretty great!

And if you’re curious about why I got Lancome products, here is a list of companies that L’Oreal USA owns.

Who wants free hair color?

If you are waving your arms around shouting, “Me, Me”, then you have come to the right post.

I color my hair.  I won’t lie.  Looking this awesome isn’t cheap, but it can be when you sign up for L’oreal Gold Rewards.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.05.58 PMWhen you enter 5 codes found inside L’Oreal boxes, but you can also find them free online (Check here), you’ll receive a coupon for a free box of L’Oreal hair color.  They also have a free sample that you can try for each Monday.  There are only 500 samples available, I’ve never gotten one.  But getting free hair color is even better.

You can enter 2 codes per month, and Gold Rewards members have a shot at receiving one awesome freebie per month (information available on their website).

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.06.07 PMI received a coupon for a box of free hair color 2 weeks ago, and I redeemed it for some much needed Light Auburn. Now I’m looking a bit less disheveled. Just a bit. I still have spit up on my shirt…


I cropped out the evidence of spit up on my shirt!
I cropped out the evidence of spit up on my shirt!

For those of us who color our hair, share a hair coloring secret.  How often do you re-color?  What’s your favorite brand and color? What’s your biggest hair color disaster?  I was platinum blonde!  OY Vey, thankfully there is no photographic evidence!

And if you are looking for a coupon to get you started on collecting L’Oreal Codes, check this out:

$1.50 off L'Oreal Paris Preference haircolor